石井 正純

AZCA Venture Partners



Mr. Masazumi (“Masa”) ISHII is a Managing Director of AZCA, Inc., a professional firm based in Menlo Park, California, which provides consulting and investment banking services to technology based companies to achieve their corporate development objectives in the Asia-Pacific markets. Based on his thirty years of experience as a professional in international business and high technology, Mr. ISHII has supported numerous companies in North America, as well as Japan and other parts of Asia, in formulating and implementing their strategies on international businesses and new venture development.

Mr. ISHII is also a Managing Director of AZCA Venture Partners, based in Menlo Park and San Diego. AZCA Venture Partners Healthcare Fund is designed to help corporations aiming to strengthen their business in the Healthcare domain by means of strategic venture capital framework. Prior to AZCA Venture Partners, he served as a Managing Director of Noventi, a VC firm based in Menlo Park, until 2015. Mr. ISHII has many years of experience as a venture capitalist since 1987.

Prior to establishing AZCA in 1985, Mr. ISHII was a senior management consultant at McKinsey & Company, Inc., where he planned and managed projects for numerous corporations in Japan, Europe and the United States, focusing on international diversification strategies. He was an active member of the firm’s Technology Practice and Electronics Practice. He was also instrumental in developing the firm’s Pacific Rim Practice in providing East-West links for companies entering new markets and establishing businesses on both sides of the Pacific.

Before joining McKinsey, Mr. ISHII was an influential contributor in the computer industry for more than a decade, including eight years with IBM in Japan. While at IBM, Mr. ISHII was involved in a broad range of technical and management activities, and co-authored two books on IBM’s database and data communications architecture.

Mr. ISHII serves on the board and the advisory board of several multinational companies. He was a Senior Executive Advisor to PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), a Xerox company, until 2012. He also serves or has served on the board of various associations, including the Japan Society of Northern California and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Northern California (President in 2007). He was also a member of the US-Japan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council that was concluded in late 2012.

He is a frequent speaker and writer on issues involving innovation and entrepreneurship as well as international corporate development, and is a well-recognized member of the Pacific Rim business infrastructure. He is a visiting professor at Waseda University Business School and at Graduate School of Engineering, Shizuoka University.

Mr. ISHII holds a Bachelor of Engineering in mathematical engineering and instrumentation physics from the University of Tokyo and a Master of Science in computer science from Stanford University.